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Costs of sales


Not only buying real estate, but also selling involves additional costs. To begin the process of selling a house or flat, you must review the fees that must be paid before the transaction occurs.
Below we have prepared a list of operations and documents, the cost of which is covered by the seller. These are approximate amounts that vary depending on the price, location and type of property.

1. Commission for real estate agencies
2. No-resident tax - If the seller is not a Spanish resident at the time of selling the property, he automatically incurs additional costs of 3% of the property value.
3.. Capital gains tax- This is a tax on the difference between the price of a property when it is purchased and its price when it is sold, is19%.
4. Plusvalia
Local tax on the increase in land value. Its amount depends on three factors: the location of the property, the cadastral value of the land and the length of the period during which we were its owners.
5. Energy certificate.- the price ranges between 70-130 euros.
6. Certificado de segunda ocupacion- the price varies between 100 and 150 euros. This document is required for houses older than 10 years