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Holidays in Spain

National holidays

Below we present the calendar of holidays in Spain. It is settled each year and largely depends on which weekday a particular holiday falls on. 

The following table presents the list of the most important holidays in Spain:

Day Name Additional information
January 1st New Year International holiday.
January 6th /td> Epiphany Catholic holiday- Three Kings Day
March 19th San Jose Catholic holiday. Not a public holiday in all parts of the country
March or April Maundy Thursday Catholic holiday. Not a public holiday in all parts of the country
March or April Good Friday Catholic holiday.
March or April Easter Monday Catholic holiday. Not a public holiday in all parts of the country
May 1st Labor day International holiday.
July 25th Feast of Saint James Catholic holiday to honour Patron Saint of Spain. Not a public holiday in all parts of the country
August 15th Assumption of Mary Catholic holiday.
October 12 Hispanic Day- National holiday It commemorates the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus
November 1st All Saints' Day Catholic holiday
December 6th Constitution Day Commemorates the approval of the Spanish constitution (1978).
December 8th Immaculate Conception Day Catholic holiday honouring the patron saint of Spain
December 25 th Christmas Day Catholic holiday.

According to the Royal Legislative Decree number 1/ 1995, the Workers' Statute, four holiday days have fixed dates and are national holidays. These are: New Year, Labor Day, Hispanic Day and Christmas Day. They are always public holidays and if they fall on Sunday, the day off work is Monday.

Apart from nine national holidays, each autonomous community has the right to determine two more public holidays, not including the regional holiday of the community. Each municipalty has the right to choose two more public holidays but the overall number of public holidays in a particular town should not be more than 14.

Religious holidays in the public sphere

Over centuries the dominant religion in Spain has been Catholicism. Because of that, Catholic holidays play an essential role in cities like Granada, Seville, Malaga, Leon or Valladolid.

Religious celebrations, that particularly stand out in the public sphere are mainly related to the Passion (Holy Week celebrations in Granada, Leon, Malaga, Valladolid and Zamora) as well as Easter, Pentecost and Corpus Christi.


The tradition of bullfighting has been preserved in Spain to this day. Running of the bulls events or corridas are a special feature of many festivals and public feasts.

Bullfighting arenas are divided into categories. The first category includes the following ten arenas: Las Ventas in Madrid, La Real Maestranza in Seville, La Misericordia in Saragossa, La Plaza de toros in Valencia, La Malagueta in Malaga, La Monumental in Barcelona, La Plaza de toros Monumental in Pamplona, Vista Alegre in Bilbao, Los Califas in Cordoba and Illumbe in San Sebastian.


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